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浪速運送株式会社代表取締役社長 東宏剛

We thank you for your continuous support to Fashion Service NANIWA.

NANIWA group have worked thoroughly on fashion distribution services since 1968 when we run the first vehicle for On-hanger Transportation.

Japan is currently facing big changes in social structure, having situations like globalization, growing business competitions by border-less, increasing awareness toward global environment and decrease in population by mainly decreasing birth-rate.

With having our management policy as “ensuring benefits to all our customers”, we provide our services with all departments integrated, transportation, distribution, international and system development, aiming to deliver total distribution system which enables overall logistics cost reduction and support customers’ business strategies.

We follow compliance to make safe operations and build up distribution systems to meet diversifying needs of fashion industry, through which we expect our customers can fully count on us.

Any kind of advice and feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Hirotaka AZUMA
Fashion Service NANIWA