Fashion Service NANIWA | Corporate Information Philosophy

Corporate InformationPhilosophy



“NANIWA group pursue expansion and prosperity of fashion industry as well as happiness of all our employees through fashion distribution services.”

It presents the objectives and significance of our business.

The objectives of Fashion Service NANIWA is to pursue happiness of all our employees.

The happiness we pursue is not only economic stability or wealth but also richness as human beings, such as worth living and working, by self-accomplishment at work field.

The significance of Fashion Service NANIWA is “to contribute expansion and prosperity of fashion industry”.

Code of Conducts

Trust, integrity and creation

Our policy goes to not only customers but also all stakeholders, such as our company, employees and customers.

We ensure being faithful and continuously create new values to meet customers’ needs, in order that all our customers and stake-holders fully trust us.

Management Policy

“We can ensure benefits to all our customers”

Management policy is the most important management strategy for us.

  1. The company with no proposals to offer should have no future.
  2. The more proposal made, the higher our reputation goes.
  3. If they understand that we are the proposal-oriented company, customers come to us for information, advice and consulting.
  4. We should have more business opportunities as the proposal-oriented company by understanding needs of customers and receiving information quickly, which makes it possible to propose before other companies do.
  5. It leads us to stable business to propose continuously.