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EC Distribution Service

Growth of EC business is remarkable in this country, and accordingly it becomes crucial for companies.
NANIWA is developing our services to make the best support of customers’ EC business expansion from distribution aspect.

NANIWA EC Distribution Service


here is a company specialized in the operation called “Sasage”, which does shooting, measurement and manuscript of products, is located inside of our distribution center!

Cost and operational lead-time can be as minimum as possible.

There are our partner companies permanently working at our Tokyo distribution center.

We assure to shorten lead-time from receiving products till uploading them to web site through one-stop operation at our distribution center.
All work, time and cost for shooting by sending products out to a different location can be reduced as much as possible.

Because of the quality of goods, not to be written iron processing Captured images quickly professional staff will work Manuscript required at the time of site-up will cause writers to write on the spot Measurement

Professional staff do shooting at studio

Well-experienced staff make shooting to provide photos in high quality and make them usable right after shooting.

We can provide site-up data, having EC business trend implemented by specialist.

Products at the resident studios are taking at the professional photographer Fine image adjustment is a professional editor will be processed.