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Our BusinessSolutions provided with four pillars, integrated support for distribution

Business with Four Pillars integrated

We pursue distribution services from overseas to stores thoroughly by taking advantages of soft and hard support and experience, called Naniwa Original.



We propose the total distribution solution which should fully meet customers’ needs with our team specialized in design, development, maintenance and management.


We support product distribution from manufacturing sites overseas to stores in Japan, through four distribution centers overseas, joint-transportation with shipping agent, customs clearance and so on.


We apply single item management for warehouse management to meet customers’ needs and business trend. Single item management enables customers to shorten delivery lead-time which leads to expanding their business strategy.


We have various kinds of vehicles for On-hanger Transportation and distribution centers at 20 cities domestically as well as real-time tracking system, which assures highly flexible and efficient distribution services all over Japan through our nation-wide network.


Chain stores
1,700 stores
Department stores
270 stores
Specialized stores
1,000 stores

We support fashion business of our customers’ widely and certainly with our four main departments.