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Policy for EnvironmentActivities of environmental protection

Activities of environmental protection

On-hanger Distribution

Advantages of On-hanger Distribution System

No rucks or lost in shape

→product quality maintained

No need of pressing at store

→efficiency improvement

No work for packing and unpacking

→efficiency improvement

No cost for packing-related materials by no cardboard used

→Logistics cost cut, environment friendly by no scrap needed and maintaining resources

Benefits for makers

Expectation on increase in product images and promotional result

Increasing sales opportunity by immediate display at store

Cost cut on packing material

Efficiency on delivery operation by no needs of packing

Reduction of returns due to decreased defective stock

Benefits for stores

Product images increased and customer satisfaction ensured

Increasing sales opportunity by immediate display at store

Cost cut on scrapping

Increase in sales activities to increase sales due to no packing operation needed

Space optimization by minimize backyard

Benefits for consumers

High-quality products available

Fashionable products available at early stage

Widely offered product assortment

Possible impact on price

Does cost of hangers higher than that of cases?

Hangers bring more benefits than cases in transportation cost and human resource cost, for the whole process from operation at distribution center to display at stores, not in comparison of just transportation cost.

Dose hangers cost higher than cases?

Social Logistics (dealing with recycled-base society)

Positioned as recycled-base society, it is required in 21st century to be strategically efficient on total product flow in retail distribution, which is optimized purchases from manufacturing site to store, collects materials and scrap and make services for all life-cycle of fashion products.

Recycle Business


Recycling hangers

There used to be two kinds of hangers available, one for transportation from distribution center to stores and the other for display at stores. There were issues of changing from transportation hangers to display hangers, scrapping and keeping storing them.

NANIWA solved this by commoditizing two kinds of hangers and regularly collecting the hangers left after sales and achieved reduction of work-load, time, space and cost all at once.

Folded Container

Scrapping cardboard at every deliveries made, especially by department stores and chain stores, resulted in waste of resources and cost, especially department stores and chain stores.

NANIWA uses folded containers replacing cardboard to reduce logistics cost and help conservation of forest resources as one of actions for environmental protection.

Green Logistics (to protect global environment)

On-hanger Delivery

With On-hanger Delivery set as our core business, we promote cardboard-less deliveries. On-hanger Delivery saves resources used to produce packages for transportation.