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Policy for Environment

Policy for Environment

Fashion Service NANIWA assures promoting protection of environment at all our company.

We, Naniwa Transportation Group, first think about our customers, being in daily changing logistics industry, and pursue our distribution services entrusted by our customers through improving operational accuracy and efficiency.

At the same time, each office of Naniwa Transportation Group participates in the activities held locally, to protect environment and cooperate mutually with local people who allow us to do our business there.

(1) We work for protecting environment and avoiding pollution by establishing the system through our operations to minimize environmental impact.

  • 1) reduction of scrap and promotion of recycling
  • 2) clean energy creation and efficiency in resource
  • 3) reduction of environmental impact such as CO2, through our operation of
  • transportation, distribution and warehousing
  • 4) promotion of purchasing green

(2) We address reviewing and improving environmental protection through our business activities.

(3) We respect any law and regulation, regarding environmental protection, which we deal with.

(4) We reduce environmental load through our business activities, by setting objectives and goals to precise our policy about environment and reviewing them whenever necessary.

(5) We provide our policy about environment as well as information as much as possible.

We aim to do distribution service which is friendly to environment.

Fashion Service NANIWA ensures environmental protection to be pursued at all offices.