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NANIWA Academy

Message from President

浪速運送株式会社代表取締役社長 東宏剛

We are surrounded by mega competition in global business, which accelerates day by day. On the other hand, our society is full of unpredictable situations which disturb market, such as low birth rate, population centralization to big cities, highly-informed society by IT development and deregulation.

We started to develop our network building in Asia at the early stage through our long partnership with major Japanese fashion and apparel firms by predicting growth in transportation in Asia caused by economic growth in Asian countries and globalization. During the process of network expansion in Asia, we learned two things; the first one was that needs of logistics were increasing, to aim total optimization by drawing product flow strategically and efficiently from where they were manufactured to where they were consumed while the other one was that strategic distribution was a key for many companies.

It is indispensable for us to train and raise people who are able to manage and meet high level of requests from our customers. This made me advocate establishment of “NANIWA Academy”. It is not an issue whether you have knowledge, experience or skills now. “NANIWA Academy” will assure you of becoming professional in distribution and logistics as well as growing to be human asset.

Being one of the major companies in fashion and apparel distribution segment and still medium sized one in total distribution industry, we have friendly working environment where top management and distribution center are communicating closely. I, myself, put “All-hands Management” in place, set up “Junior Board System” and promote big family principle. We have expanded our business with our unique business model like On-hanger transportation, and this is our competitive advantage. We are the company where all of us can challenge something new and ourselves.

Please let us have your hands, full of potential for your future and our future.

I am greatly looking forward to working together with you in Asian as well as global stage.

Hirotaka AZUMA
Fashion Service NANIWA

NANIWA Academy, called NA, is the very professional institutions of Fashion Service NANIWA. Through NA, a number of employees have been trained to become professional and actively perform at his/her own field with proposing advantages to our customers, following our management policies.

academy :
"Academy" is originated from Plato, ancient Athenian philosopher. The word, academy, was used as meaning of academic societies and scientific societies. It is presently used to mean institutions and schools. (from Wikipedia)
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Education Policy

We develop employees to become promising talent, in such a way that they learn NANIWA Philosophy, work hard with innovative ideas and pursue NANIWA’s global expansion and happiness of all employees as well as contribute to prosperity of fashion industry.

NANIWA Philosophy – Critical Success Factor -

Accomplishment of Life and work =
Way of thinking × Passion × Ability

Ability : Soul moves ability (0-100)

Passion : Self-motivating will (0-100)

Way of thinking : Attitude to living (-100 – 100)

There is positive and negative in the way of thinking. Even though one has such a competency and is passionate, one goes to a negative direction with negative thinking. It is hard to recognize it, but the way of thinking is extremely important for us.


  1. The ones who are always modest, consider others and try to maintain high mind-set through strong will and commitment to our business.
  2. The ones who think about others, receive respects from others and possess estimable personality.(Way of thinking)
  3. The ones who have a strong will to challenge highly-set objectives and work hard to accomplish it with remarkable results even though they encounter various difficulties and obstacles.(Passion)
  4. The ones who continuously work hard to any kind of tasks with professional mindset. (Ability)

Talent Training

Talent Training

Curriculum based on Critical Success Factors

Curriculum based on Critical Success Factors

Training Objectives

▷Philosophy Training
To penetrate NANIWA Philosophy to all employees
▷Management Training
To raise management with highly skilled management abilities
▷Functional Training
To raise people with expected abilities for ones duties
▷Technical Training
To bring up specialists with advanced knowledge and skills
▷Occupational Training
To bring up professional people for specific area of work

Training System

NANIWA academy Training System

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(*1) Play Sumo-wrestling in the middle of Dohyo
(*2) Self-burning