Fashion Service NANIWA | Our Strength

Our strengths

We are the visionary company*, providing solutions for global distribution of fashion business

Pioneer in fashion distribution

We are the pioneer in fashion distribution.

Since the first vehicle of On-hanger Transportation introduced, we developed fashion-specialized transportation as well as distribution facilities with hanging clothes on hangers, across Japan. We offer integrated fashion distribution service from manufacturing site to store, which includes quality check, needle check and distribution processing in the main fashion manufacturing sites, like China to ASEAN.

Integrated distribution provider, from manufacturing site to store

  • We reduce cost by our integrated distribution services.
  • We realize low cost operation through distribution processing, sorting by store, and scanning shipment at oversea manufacturing site while domestically we shorten delivery lead-time through NANIWA distribution network. NANIWA’s integrated global distribution assures major reduction to total distribution cost.

Total solution provider in global distribution

We are confident on offering integrated distribution services.

With our four departments integrated, Transportation, Distribution (Warehouse), System Development and International, we provide total distribution services.
It is also our strength that the firm relationship, with major partner companies in Japan as well as overseas enables us to offer upgraded distribution services to customers.

Real-time information sharing

We systematically organize our service and ensure real time information sharing with our customers.

It is said that “delay in information sharing” negatively affects productivity.

For our business, having good communication with our customers is our lifeline. In the past, we caused trouble and concerns to our customers by miscommunication and communication delay. We learned from this experience that information accuracy, immediacy and sharing should be important.

We understand that time management is extremely important at distribution center, the last step of distributing products to customers, and that one mistake at this step would discredit the consignor’s corporate value. Based on this recognition, we have enabled thorough information sharing and quantification of qualitative data.

It is now possible to manage all information exchanged between our consignors and us in the shared database, which can be also shared with warehouse as well as back office. This enables us to systematically manage logistics operation, as an overall optimization approach.

Real-time information sharing

Distribution consulting

We support building up optimal distribution systems through consulting.

We investigate and analyze various issues, regarding distributions, which our customers are facing, and propose effective solutions to support total distribution cost reduction as well as service quality improvement.
We provide optimal distribution systems to customers, such as optimization of transportation, review on distribution center site, improvement on distribution center operation, outsource of distribution operation and distribution processing at foreign manufacturing sites like in China and ASEAN.

Workout Activities with Cross-Divisional Key Players (optional)

Upon request, we organize two-day workout session called “Logistics Strategy of A Company (tentative)” by inviting cross-functional members from the company, consisting of not only logistics professionals but also sales and retail professionals.

Obtaining competitive advantages through Value Chain requires flexibilities, in order to deal with changing market needs through making all activities of a company connected tightly. To make it realized, it is important to question as a whole corporate, “Can this strategy be achieved?” by considering each system, such as procurement or delivery-out process and so on, connected as a consolidated system, not all separately.

In this session, we support to position logistics issues as the corporate’s tasks and draw understanding and support from other departments to minimize the constraints that the persons in charge of logistics distribution are facing.

Distribution consulting

All-Hands Management

All-hands management shows NANIWA’s strength

Management Philosophy, Business Policy and Codes of Conduct are recited by all employees every morning. The three principles are hanged on the wall at all our offices all over Japan and watch our employees. We have established such a culture that all employees work with management way of thinking by implementing NANIWA Philosophy, our action guideline, and financial system by department thoroughly. All-hands management is our strength.

We make sure the shared operation rules are well implemented at all our sites!

The department dedicated for the three principles systematically functions to ensure the shared rules and to develop further.

Our Policy

“The basic three rules”, one of the three pillars of our management, are the base of our service.

“The basic three rules”

Implementation of Basics Rules :

Keeping work place clean, putting things in order, reporting, informing and consulting

Improvement on Accuracy :

Reducing damages and improving accuracy of receipt, storage, quality check and deliveries

Improvement on Efficiency :

Ensuring efficiency of staffing, storage and stock turn-over

Actions – example of what we do


Establishment of "Three Basic Rules Department"

We established it in 2011, aiming to penetrate importance of Three Basic Rules to all employees. We act, based on all-hands, continuation and evolution. Three Basic Rules Authorization System has been implemented at each distribution center, and all employees are trained by the instruction manual for improving operational accuracy and efficiency which we formulated. We centrally manage troubles, such as damages to products, to analyze the causes to take actions for improvement.


Three Basic Rules Meeting

The weekly meeting is held with Three Basic Rules Meeting members and sub-members at each Distribution Center to discuss the latest issues and solutions.

East and West Team Meeting

This meeting is held every Monday with video conference system to discuss the progress of tasks and solutions between top management of East and West teams, including President, and managers of each Distribution Center.

Management Meeting with East and West teams

This meeting is held every Monday with video conference system to make decisions of critical issues by top management of East and West teams, including President, and managers of each Distribution Center.
At this meeting, Three Basic Rules Department reports about the issues weekly as well as monthly to aim avoiding troubles in the future and to improve operations.

Cross-functional Kaizen Meeting/ Divisional Monthly Review

In this meeting, each member presents and shares his/her objectives to improve service quality of next week or next month as well as reviews and reports the result of his/her objectives of the past period.

Example of activities

How to deal with customers

We follow a validation process internally set up, based on “Prior confirmation procedure of distribution services” for new customers and “Inspection on distribution services” for existing customers, to have approvals. It is periodically requires in the first one year, such as start-up, after three months, six months and one year.
After one year from start-up, we discuss the current issues and solutions at management meeting held at semi-annual closing. We also organize a meeting with our customers regularly and make our efforts to solve issues immediately and to avoid the same things happening in the future.



(*)Visionary company
  It is the company which continues to be excellent for a long period of time with vision clearly set.